Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Adios Super Gallego!!

As much credit as we all gave Super Gallego for the highs of last season, I guess he must shoulder some of the blame for the disappointment that was 2008. Somehow, it doesn't seem fair that the 3rd base coach is the fall guy for a season gone wrong, but there were plenty of base running blunders throughout the season. Knowing the kind of standup guy Super Gallego is, I'm sure he's cleaning out his locker today with chin held high without regret or contempt. Stay strong my man, some team will surely come calling for your services, and BSB will be in attendance rooting you on when you're coaching 3rd from the visitor's bench. Thanks for the memories.....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hey Look, MLB Playoffs Have Started......

....and apparently Frank TV is still on the air. Who knew? Could this be an annual ritual? I've only been watching for about an hour and I'm already about to hit the mute button. No offense Frank, but no one can stomach this much repetitive self-advertising from one station. At least one ad mocks the onslaught of Frank TV commercials. I guess it's better than endless commercials of that Blue Collar Comedy guy that I believe also has a show on TBS.

A few early playoff observations.

1) Brewers - Phillies: Didn't see any of the game, but the Brewers aren't going to win many games when they score 1 run. How the hell did they only score 1 in that bandbox? Especially tough loss considering they held the Phils to 3 runs. This will (should) be the lowest scoring game of the series.

2) Dodgers - Cubs: As much as I absolutely loath the Dodgers, I can't say I don't love seeing dejected Cubs fans at Wrigley in October. No pressure tomorrow on the suddenly shaky Big Z tomorrow! Oh, and Manny was being Manny tonight (whatever the fuck that means).

3) Red Sox - Angels: Didn't take long for the Boston fans in the stadium (and it sounds like there are a lot of them), to show their insufferable prick side by leading a "Let's Go Red Sox" cheer in the top of the 1st after a double by Pedroia. God, I hate that. Fuck these guys. Go Halos!!!