Monday, June 30, 2008

Let's bring back '07.

We all know Matty was safe.

Rox need to get well against the other super-shitty team in the NL West. It's at home...they're due....why the fuck not?

Because they suck you say? Well I hadn't brought that variable into the equation I guess. Here's hoping they suck just a bit less than the Pads. If the home 9 loses this series, I've got only one thing to say. Look out Nationals, I didn't realize the Rockies' designs on the NL cellar were quite this serious and intense.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

You 2008 Rockies Are A Bunch Of Fucking Pussies

That's right. You don't score runs. Your pitching is weak, but we knew that going into the season. The powerful offense was supposed to cover up this shortcoming. The Bombers are laying this most recent collapse at the feet of the heart of the current lineup. Looks like they're cruising to yet another loss...

Dante, WalkDog, Vinny, and the Big Cat

Monday, June 23, 2008

Not the ideal start to a road trip...

Francis seems to have reverted back to his shitty start to the season after a few strong outings recently. Tonight was his shortest outing in 2008, and another horrible 1st inning. A disappointing loss.

A textbook 2008-style RISP bases loaded inning ending double play there in the second when we had Bannister on the ropes.

I'm having a little trouble typing this, but the Royals are pretty much a hot team right now. Won 8 of their last 9 games and have supplanted these Rockies as the most successful of the interleague teams record-wise. This visit to KC isn't timed too well as it turns out. Sorta recall last year losing 2 of 3 from KC at home and pretty much bottoming out for the season, before slowly surging and then of course...surging in spectacular fashion to close out the season and the start of the playoffs. Love to see that again, but I'm not holding my breath.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not Getting the Job Done

The Rocks lose their first series in while at home today, falling to the NY Mets, 3-1. After last night's strong offensive output to support a gem of a game pitched by Ubaldo, the offense sputters at key times (a familiar theme this season) and wastes a pretty decent outing by young Greg Reynolds. Not a horrible week at home, but a 5-2 homestand with a win today would have felt much better than the mediocre 4-3 record we posted after today's loss.

Up come the Royals next. If the Rocks are to contend late in the season, they need to do two things - 1) play much better on the road and 2) play much better within the NL West. With a week on the road against KC and Detroit in interleague play (something that has been quite friendly to the Rocks), now would be a good time to start on #1.

Thankfully, it appears that the rest of the NL West is having a tough day too. At this point, it only appears we'll only lose ground to the Dodgers.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Please line up for the Bakedog and Q fan club registration.

Things starting to turn around for this club. Hopefully not too late to salvage shit.

Good god. Some dudes who have bared the brunt of my critical abuse in the past are stepping up and being instrumental in some recent wins. I love that. Amazing to see Todd struggle so much at the plate (still crucial defensively over at first every damn night though I must say) but get lifted by some of these guys when it comes to offensive output.

Nice outing by Francis too. Keep that up my friend.

My A's boasting got its dick knocked in the dirt tonight I'm afraid. The fucking Dodgers won too. Brings me to the simple fact that the Rockies need to win games against their division foes when those games present themselves or these "5 straight series wins" don't mean shit really.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Run to the Hills....

OK. another lame Iron Maiden reference. Sorry about that...

The Rockies pretty much had the American League's most un-PC team mascot running to the foothills tonight at Coors. 17 hits? Double digit runs? I like this kind of party. The Rockies seem to really be enjoying this interleague shit lately.

Quite the enjoyable game to attend I might add. A good load of BSB folks representing tonight on Blake St. (would have liked to seen some Purple Floss action to liven things up...did I just type that?)

This next bit comes from my AL rooting interest, and how it affects any chance the Rockies have of living beyond September 28. Hell Yeah! The fucking A's (my A's?) stomped the D-Backs tonight 15-1, shit this is the franchise that wanted to move to Denver back in '78 but since Al Davis and the Raiders were already acting shifty the city found a way to keep the White Elephant. Long live Stomper...hell to Dinger.

Monday, June 16, 2008

NL West ain't over yet

Still in the cellar of the NL West, but only 8 and a half back of the hated d-backs (I hate'em so much!!!). And still the worst team in the NL but not the MLB thanks to the Royals and M's. With our 4th series win in a row, this puppy ain't over yet. Once Barmey and tulo get healthy we can send down Omar and that should be enough to get us at least to .500 (Omar not being on our team anymore). Good win by the rox yestterday, and prolly later today; I mean we've kind of owned the braves this year. This is a little bit of a post-fluid show-hungover tyraid, but there have been very few days to be a happy rockies fan this year. Am I right?

I don't know why, but this picture pops up on a google image search of 'NL WEST'... fair enough.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lupus needs a damn beer.

And the Rockies need to step up when a game is on the line. Tonight's game with the ChiSox (and last night's series closeout with the Giants) were both a fairly decent microcosm of a lost season. Last night with the game in reach, Corpas comes in and gives SF two more runs to pad what had been a one run deficit. Tonight, the Rockies have a 4-2 lead in the 7th, Herges comes in and is unable to clean up Francis' baserunner mess, giving up a basehit by Uribe. Shit, Juan hasn't played in a few weeks and his yearly average is under .200 but was able to rope a 2 RBI basehit to tie things up, and then Q isn't able to handle a hot-hit ball at short from jackass Pierczynsczyszyki and the eventual winning run crosses homeplate. Sure the Rox had a couple innings to even the score or take the lead, but decided it better to pad their impressive strikeout totals. Hell, Brandon Cruz and the hated Yankees from the North Valley Little League could have sat down the Rox in a late innings situation I bet.
This team bears no resemblance to the hotshit clutch heroes of last year. Would have been nice if it had been Tulo and Kaz handling the AJ laser instead of Quintinilla and Herrerra, they might have gotten the job done. Sure, it's nice to see Stew-bag and Willie T (what?!?!) get some jacks but to go 1-2-3 in the 8th and 9th only down one run is disgraceful to us fans as well as Morris Buttermaker.
Feel the need to quote from the classic film...this from Kelly Leak hitting on some chick at the ballet studio.
"I'm hitting .841, I'm on the Bears; You live around here? I got a Harley Davidson."

Monday, June 9, 2008

Too much LOB

The LOB factor was pretty out of hand yesterday, and kind of has been all season long. I don't think there was a single starter in the lineup that didn't strand at least one runner yesterday (except for Francis). Tadd with 8 (although that strikeout was kind of BS and could have cost us the game)??? I think I-Dog was the only position player who didn't completely shit the bed when ever there was a runner in scoring position. We need Barmey back.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

May the Tulo bobblehead bring luck to Coors Field...

...and extend the streak to 4 games.
DT if you are going tonight, I trust you are able to collect 4 or 5 of these for distribution to those not fortunate enough to attend.
Hopefully Reynolds can get his first big league W tonight...he's due.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Welcome back Brad.

Well that's more like it.
Rockies mounting a mind-boggling comeback against a team that could be reasonably be called "hot".
Fuentes shutting any afterthoughts down.
Weird and not totally unrelated...i'm out drinking a glass of wine watering my tiny front yard at ~11:00, roughly one-half hour ago. 4 drunken gals (obviously recently disembarked from the 38 bus) came rambling down Julian all pumped about the victory. Pretty cool. After an acknowledgment of mutual joy based on the evening's victory, they invited me down to 3 Dogs for beers.
Doubtful that Sammy is a valid baby & house sitter to afford me some odd trip down to the local tavern to revel with these surprising Rockie/chick fans deadset on tearing up the Highlands.
Back to the Rockies' performance/win. I feel like at the very least, respectability may come for this team when the envisioned 2008 lineup takes the field together...make no mistake, from where I sit this team has no chance of sniffing the postseason, but winning games, one at a time (with drama no less!) still makes for a much better summer.

Newest Rocky

His name is Christian Friedrich. I welcome thee, but be mindful of critical bloggers that love to bitch about their beloved baseball team.

I guess the guy's first name gives us a very critical reason why the Monforts went with him. Huh? Whammy?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 Review of the Thong

Here's the link to my review of the thong purchase. It really hits home and identifies with what is really, I mean really, important in our lives.

Bakedog likes the idea of a 30-game winning streak

Nice little 2-run dong for J-Bake here in the 2nd. The Rox must be seeing the ball well off this cocksucker... Although, G-Dog has already been getting his LOB on.

Let's win this puppy (at this point I don't fear the post jinx)!!