Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silencing A Nation

Thank you very much Mr. Giambi. Such an awesome game to be at, even in the Rockpile. DT and I had a pretty grand view of both Stewbag and Giambino's blasts in the bottom of the 9th against Papplebaaawwwwnn! Doesnt' get much sweeter than that. Although Super U got roughed up a bit (against two dudes I've never even heard of - who is this Nava dude?), the offense finally picks up the slack and generates a late-inning victory. Could stand to see much, much more of that. And would whoever took DT's and ST's Little Pony tshirt jerseys in the post-game celebration madness kindly return them? A small price to pay I suppose for a finale like that...sweep 'em boys.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nice to have another pitcher on the Rockies who currently likes to stymie opposing batters. Amusingly, his last name is quite congruent with a stupid rapper from the early 90s.
Pretty big win. 2 Runs is Enough? (to fill our lives with love?)
The staff already has 9 shutouts this season?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Sickness That Is Being 13-1 With A 1.15 ERA

TD was 1,600 feet underground in a Wyoming mine when this was going on today (heard it wasn't televised anyway), but from the sounds of it, Super U was dominant as per the usual. My only question is why do we always seem to score the most runs when Ubaldo is pitching? No matter, we needed this win badly and need to win, if not sweep, this upcoming series with the Brew Crew. The way the bats having been swinging, that's going to rely heavily on batters being beamed, passed balls, wild pitches, and of course, balks.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why must everything suck?

It was kind of nice to go through Sunday and Monday thinking that maybe the hitting slump was over. Nope, guess not. Three hits and 13 strikeouts... well that's not very good. Somehow Yo-lease only gave up 2-runs (partially due to Cargo's arm), and we actually had a chance to tie the game in the 8th and perhaps steal a game for once. Runner on 3rd and only 1 out: no of course not, the odds of the Rockies getting that run home are hella slim.

And the pitching's been awfully dicey in these last 2 games. Luckily we have a certain super-ubaldo going tomorrow.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Very Necessary Sweep

After that 3-game losing streak at the hands of the 'Stros, this weekend sweep of the Jays certainly hit the spot. A 4-3 homestand is nothing to get overly excited about, but it sounds way better than the 3-4 or 2-5 homestand that was taking shape. Mad props to the pitching staff. When Hambone and Franky pitch this way, and Ubaldo does his thing every 5th day, I like our chances of shaking the hovering around .500 doldrums, especially if the offense ever rises up to its potential. Sounds like DLR may be getting close to coming back, which would only help secure what has been a fairly strong rotation. Still, games like today make you wonder why the offense has been so weak up to now. Good to see Taaawwwwddd swing a hot bat the last couple of games. Once he gets that average back up to something respectable, I might actually follow through on my illustrated Helton shirt threat.

Let's see some continued inter-leauge play dominance in the Twin Cities this week....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yeah, pretty much a 4th place team.

Too bad we couldn't fire Hurdle again or have more of that 2007 magic acid that was so fabulous...this current team looks like shit.
Just kicking back and watching the Dodgers, Padres, and Giants create a wide berth.

Probably time to start hitting....

OK. It's June now.
The Rockies need to hit to their potential...and consistently. Last night's game was a succinct encapsulation of what is not going right about this season. A good first inning at the plate and not much after...and another close loss. This team is pretty terrible in the late innings. I'm not going to spew stats but I'm fairly certain a trip to the Baseball Reference site would deliver some sobering information about the Rockies' late inning bats.
Francis delivered a pretty solid performance last night but was a tad lucky too. Not sure what the hell Tracy was thinking having him bat in the 6th with Mora on third...he was already looking shaky and commenced to get lit up in the 7th, we could have used a better chance of putting runs on the board at that point.
After having a 5-0 start to my season's Coors Field visits, last night was pretty disappointing, against the lowly Astros no less.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hey What About Us Non-Ubaldo Pitchers?

Hammel has actually had a good few outings since coming back from the DL. It's one thing to do it in SF, but on a hot night at Coors, to go into the 8th without allowing a run is pretty impressive. Considering the bats are still unreliable, we need more outings like this from pitchers not named Ubaldo.

Waiting for the Riggins report from last night, as rumors are he was in the house. Any Hulkster antics? Maybe that crazy Astros fan with the stuffed animal we ran into in the Lauren seats years ago cheering for Biggio was around to heckle?

DT and ST at Swanky's yet?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Salvation

It took yet another dazzling performance from Super U to avoid an embarrassing sweep to the shit-ass Snakes this afternoon. Thank god. While his ERA soared to 0.93 after a 2-run dong in the 8th inning, Ubaldo was just good enough to win this one for the Rocks. The bully actually comes through as well to get out of a tough jam in the 8th and Corpas redeems himself from the serious Fri night unwarring with a clean 1-2-3 9th. Returning home to face another shit-ass Houston team for a four game series should be the formula to get the Rocks on a roll, but there's no telling with this team. They seem to like to play down to the competition.