Monday, January 3, 2011

7 Year Pony?

Please, please let these rumors of a 7-year, $80 million Little Pony contract extension be true...Pony - Tulo as a 3-4 punch in the lineup for the next 7 years sounds good, check that, great to me. Not to mention the defensive wizardry the pair offers on top of the production. Remember, these two both finished in the top five in MVP voting last season. Barring any chronic injuries, I don't see how this Carlos contract can be a bad deal for the Rocks.

Still a little nervous these reports end up falling through, especially with the Boras factor in play. But assuming they don't, this a great day for the Rockies. Pulling off a handsome, but reasonable, contract means we can simply enjoy watching Pony's talents and stop assuming the clock is simply ticking before he jets to deeper pockets once free agency hits. It also means there will be entertaining baseball to watch at Coors for quite some time. Ink that shit as soon as possible please....