Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

A farewell to Hurdle

A somewhat sad farewell to a man who was the coach of our rockies for seven years. But the Monforts certainly had to do something to shake things up, as I imagine they might be noticing a drop in attendance as this season has progressed. The team just has not been getting it done from 2008 up to now. As a fan of the Rockies I say, it's about fucking time. I imagine the infamous '07 run bought him a little time, but the team has been complete garbages since then. I'll admit he's not the one going out there and leaving runners on base and giving up 6-runs in the 7th inning. But he does make the decisions like having Tulo bat 2nd; sticking with pitchers when it's clear they're struggling; and pulling pitchers that are doing well just because of the right on right crap. To quote another fan of the Rockies "He just has no feel for the game" [GE Buenning (before the infamous late season run), 2007]. That said, I think the major issue is cheap owners who can't afford their own farm players to be TOO successful (which obviously was the case with Holiday). Nor can these owners afford to bring in real talented veterans when you know they must have made a little extra money with the '07 success (what about Kip Wells?). Anyway, those are some obvious points that I'm sure we're all thinking.

For us at the BSB, we wish Hurdle all the best and hopefully there is more barrel for him on the horizon. But I guess will have to find someone else to rip on at this site.

Floating Tracy head soon to come.

How about now?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Must Everybody Suck?!?!

Could've been a second straight Friday night come-from-behind victory for the Rocks, but, you, know, the Rocks find ways to do the little things to lose games. I can think of a few:

1) Fowler getting thrown out at home plate.
2) Wild pitch from Ubaldo that leads to an extra run for the Tigers.
3) Having runners on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out and only scoring run.
4) I-Dog flat sucking at the plate.
5) Allowing a seemingly meaningless run in the bottom of the 8th that turns out to be the difference.
6) G-Dog flat sucking at the plate.
7) FowlDog striking out with a chance to tie up the game in the top of the 9th after Super Seth's clutch 2-run bomb.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rockies bullpen gives up 10 runs? In one inning?

Well David...your worries seem pretty justified at this point, if they didn't already when you first made your concern's public.
The Rockies just lost ANOTHER series, this time to the Pirates. What a sad laugh.
What to do? Does this team really just flat out suck? They tend to fail regularly enough in every phase of the game to think that just might be the case.
Fire Hurdle? Why the hell not at this point? He's still riding the good will of Joketober '07, which let's face it, had little, to nothing to do with him in the end. It was a fabulous convergence of good luck and great play on the field that produced that magical stretch. Anyways, canning Hurdle might at least shake shit up in a season that is headed to the shitter in a hurry.
Besides that inconceivable 2nd place finish/wildcard '07, he and his team's performance have only run the gamut of mediocre to subpar during his tenure. Very few extended times that suggested a successful direction....
AARRRGGH. Does this franchise even want fans??? There are times where I'm not sure that they deserve any.
(sorry for the retread of my crappy Bowie photo. the bullpen was to blame today and I didn't have time to try and find a photo of one of our shitty pitchers looking sad and remorseful for making assloads of money but sucking the very life out of their team...then I got off on a tangent.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pitching of this quality will drive folks to drink...

After a triumphant Guys (and one 4 year old girl) Night Out last night, (eleven run victories are pretty fun, ya know)....the pitching staff decides it was high time to stink up the place tonight. 24 hits allowed? Really?
All the good Marquis will that was established early is beginning to fade, and Glendon Rusch is consistently looking like shit.
I-Dog with a classic meaningless granny in the bottom of the 9th, to boot.
Help me Denver Nuggets, you're my only hope.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Kings of the 1-Run Victories

I'll admit I'm scraping egg off my face after the Rocks prove this afternoon they can win a game decided by one run. After squandering chances to add a little insurance late in the game thanks to some unclutch at bats and general non-execution by the offense (sound familiar?), the bullpen comes through (sound unfamiliar?) to preserve a win and avoid a sweep at home. Still a mighty lame weekend series with the Rocks' expansion brethren, and concerns about offensive consistency are suddenly larger than the pitching (really?). But, maybe winning a close game will propel a modest winning streak. Since most of the BSB contingency will be at Coors Tues night, is a two-game winning streak too much to ask?

Oh yeah, sounds like Tulo might have aggravated his quad injury from a year ago. A week ago this might have been good news, but the guy has suddenly been swinging the bat a little better. Would kind of like to see him at least have the chance build on that.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Now do that again

I must say I do like 11-1 wins, but there's something a little disturbing about it when you lossed 1-2 the night before. As TD loves to point out we're 0-8 in 1 run games, part of that is on the bullpen shitting the bed during games, and the other is for the lack of hitting (see DLR starts). So, would the local baseball team please put up runs like they did tonight, or least put up close to half of the runs. This 0-2 run game shit ain't going to cut-it, especially when your starter has a good outings. And I don't think I'm going out on a limb by predicting that Marq-dog is going to have a good outing tomorrow.

And finally, a message to Hurdle: feel free to put Tulo further down the lineup (not further up). That is all for now.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recap of last few days

Quite a rarity happened last night in the Whale Vagina: a Rockie come from behind win. We're usually on the short end of the stick when it comes to a bullpen giving up multiple runs to lose the game. I-Dog's grand salami is just what this team needed (did she say that?). Also, a good start to the game as Tulo got an RBI double (also a rarity) that lead to a 2-run inning. Hopefully those two bates are now out of their slumps... hopefully. Also, a fine job by the bullpen for not giving those runs right back, a pattern that has already been too common for this '09squad (and something that '08 team loved doing).

As for the last few days:
Friday: decent start from Ubaldo, but just way too much LOB.
Saturday: game wasn't televised for some reason, which sucked because it sounded like a good one to watch (don't think the booth won't be bombarded with emails about this tonight).
Sunday: again way too much LOB; it's a reocurring theme that needs to end, and unwar Corpas (I hate to say it but he really sucks).