Monday, August 30, 2010

Respect the Little Pony

Of course a plea for the Little Pony in the All-Star Game is a little late, but shit, not a bad way to follow-up Player of the Week honors. Although he struggled early in the game, to come up with a, ahem, broken bat inside the park HR to drive in the only and winning runs of the game, is pretty phenomenal. I think I heard the Cowboy say this is the first road win this season when trailing after 8 innings (which is maybe why I dragged my lazy ass out of bed to post this). Even though the road struggles at the plate seem to be continuing, it's an excellent way to start this make or break road trip.

DLR solid on the mound too and definitely deserved a W. Despite a 1-2-3 bottom of the 9th, Street was hit very hard. The heavy Bay Area night air, Johnny Boy's leather at 2B, and Street's own handy work fielding his position thankfully prevented any significant drama. The Young Bear's Main Man Esmil needs to rebound after getting shelled last week and give his team a chance to win this series outright before sending Ubaldo to the mound on Wed.....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hej fra Gronland

Sounds like I missed a nice little run from my Rockies while I was back in the homeland scouting for some young Greenlandic pitching talent.
Let's not forget about the wild card, is suddenly in reach. Also don't forget about the Carlsberg or the Tuborg. I was awash in that stuff the past few days.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That Was A Nifty 9-Run Comeback

Maybe nifty isn't the right word. Perhaps the word I was searching for was 'special.' Yes, that was a real special comeback that goes to show this team knows how to win. Maybe a game like this will trigger something inside this team that will allow its players to put their egos over here, so they can get back to a special place.

Nice that the team picks up Super Esmil after a disastrous start from the rookie. After letting him down AZ five days previous, it only seems appropriate. Pretty rad that Ken Burns was in town today too promoting the sequel (the 10th Inning) to his excellent baseball documentary. Hope he was taking notes for the inclusion of this game into his next installment.

With the Gigantes and Phils both losing today, our little Home 9 are only four games out of the wild card. Out of it? Not entirely. Need this to continue when the Dodgers come calling Fri. Until then, I'm going to savor this win and this series.....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The '10 Entry On This Card Will Not Be Pretty

No idea how Street can still be our closer. It was hard to believe before last night and even more astounding when I read this morning that Tracey has declared him to still be our closer. As DT mentioned to me last night, it reeks of Shawn Chacon. Street is a likable player and had a great year in '09 (despite the playoffs), but it's time to face facts that running him out there in the 9th at this point is killing the team and whatever shred of confidence he has left. Let him pitch in a different role the rest of these meaningless games and put Belisle, Corpas, Bettencourt, or Biemel out there to finish games for now. Hell, throw that huge rookie Reynolds out there. He looks like he has a closer's physique. Give Street a chance to compete next year for the closer spot.

Of course this game should not have been as close it was going into the 9th. Once again, the Rockies' offense failed to break the game open in several innings when the D-Bags were desperately trying to give it away. So predictable that it would end the way it did when you see all of that LOB.

Oh, and now that Johnny Boy has been called back up, please bench Barmes. He has been garbage for quite some time now. Go Reds?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hawper, boom, outta here, I guess.

I'm starting to run out of valid T-Shirt jerseys at this point. Sadly I file my Hawpe along with my Holliday, Tavares, and Carroll. Thankfully I never achieved Marquis status. At this point this season I wouldn't argue with the notion of sending my Cook into this pile.
Seriously. Sign of the times. Just over a year ago Brad was an NL All-Star rep. He's pretty much sucked since the '09 break. Not sucked on the level of say, an Iannetta, but still pretty disappointing. I-Dog has the luxury of a fat contract to rest his ~.200 average on. Hawpe was a free-agent in a couple months...expendable with the current outfield. That said, a real shame that Smitty was on a 0-fer 22 streak until last night. Shame about it all really.
Frankly I don't want to know these Rockies without Carlos Gonzales, Tulo, and Ubaldo. Perhaps I'm being harsh, but everyone else is either a fringe player, streaky player, a player who has yet to "reach his potential", or a player that is showing that their usefulness is expiring. Brad fell into two of those categories on some level. I wish him the best. He's not a seed chomping, Boras knob-slobbering assface like Matty is. Thankfully Holliday touched the plate and also gave us CarGo. Too bad Hawpe had to fall in the mediocrity ditch and lose all value. (anyone seen G-Dog lately?)
Nice win last night by the way...not that it really matters beyond pride anymore. Love the stat that the Rockies are holding the longest "current" streak of win-loss-win pattern games at 14 or so. Last team to run that bizarre stat up that high was the 2007 Rockies I believe. No wonder insane streaks to close seasons are so crucial here in Colorado.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tulo delivers last night. Going to need heroics like that from here on out to have even a chance at making the post-season. (or maybe play all home games)
Great to see some later inning come from behind magic recently...
Sure would be nice if the Padres or the Reds or the Cardinals or the Phils could get on a nice long slide. Just doesn't seem very likely. Rockies are certainly going to need some help, remains to be seen if they are at least going to do their part and get rolling.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Midget Army In Full Effect

After the previous 15 innings, I'm sure everyone saw that coming. Thanks Melvin for keeping the season alive at least a little longer.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Take me out to the Ball Game and shit....

this is a tad delayed due to some insurmountable post-game drunkenness on the day-of pic from Wednesday. The Rox getting a split against the Giants at home in an odd 2-gamer. 6-1. Tons O' Fun. A Business man's special actually being funded by the excellent business that I am a part of. (and TD who has some fine PTO benefits I think, getting in on the action).
Rockies were thankfully able to right the ship tonight after an opening series dud against a Pirates team that they categorically should kick ass against, but don't. Shit, the Bucs' record would be even worse (it is the NL worst already, I think) if it weren't for the wretched tendency for the Rockies to play "down" to the competition. They need to cut that shit out, and make some damn hay against these teams. The Padres do for god's sake.
One club is running away with the division, the other is a quandry of what-ifs and should-haves.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Perhaps it's relevant to post one of my favorite pictures ever taken outside of Coors Field.