Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nix in the Mix

Hurdle kept things "Generation R" with the announcement this week that Jayson Nix would take the 2nd baseman's job vacated by KazMat. Though not a spring chicken at 25...a former first round draft pick out of options with the Rockies, Nix earned it and not without some stiff competition from Giles, Barmes, and Baker.
Gotta think Giles was in the fold this spring for some insurance in case Nix struggled, but also as a good source of competition that might have driven Nix to play to his potential? With the spring that Giles had he should catch on somewhere else. Sounds like some teams have shown some interest in Barmes as well.
We'll see how this plays out over the course of the season. Letting Kaz get away was about my least favorite offseason subtraction...


TroutDog said...

That Hurdle head just keeps on floatin!

Seems like Nix's bat has gone silent since earning the starting job. Coincidnence? Let's hope not!

I hope Barmes is still on the team to fill the role of Jamey Carroll.....maybe he can even open a bar in the neighborhood...Brent Barmes' has a nice ring to it, and I hear they carry FSN????

Sonic Tooth said...

Nix was part of that back to back to back homer barrage yesterday though.

I see Podsednik made the club. Sullivan and Speier heading south to the Springs.

TroutDog said...

Can't argue with either of those moves. The Sky Sox could be pretty good this year.

Nix is probably going to hit about 35 dongs this year.

I can barely wait to yell C'mon Super Podsednik!

Sonic Tooth said...

studies show it's more fun to yell the "Super" couplet with the second word being 3 syllables.
e.g. "Fassero" "Gallego"
and now hopefully "Podsednik" splitting time with "Tavares"

TroutDog said...

Super Nix fails this test, but it does roll off the tongue similarly to Super Sid!