Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adios Willy T.

This catch in the NLCS was a big part of Rockies "history." Still, I can't say I'm all that troubled by the departure of Willy T. Dude is a great base stealer, but his batting skills are not entirely fit for the majors. Too bad we couldn't have completed that trade for him to get Redding from the Nats. Now he goes for nothing. Oh, and fuck the Yankees.


Sonic Tooth said...

I think my Taveras Jersey-T may still make a "posthumous" appearance next season.

DeathTruck said...

it wouldn't be a terrible idea for the 3 of us to go to a game next year decked out in Willy-T, Holiday, and KazMat jersey t's.

Sonic Tooth said...

I agree. how about a load Jamie Carrols?

Red legs for Willie T.

His struggles at the plate last year are frustrating. It don't jive with the (short) body of work he had before. His '08 average is quite the abberation.