Friday, January 30, 2009

Forecast Calls For Minor League Fogg

Just picked up word that the Rocks pull off a blockbuster move and sign Josh Fogg to a minor league deal. I guess the market for dragon slayers was pretty dry. Meanwhile the D-Bags pick up Jon Garland. I think our division just got tougher.

Am I glad we signed Fogg? Yes - I like the dude as a player/gum gnasher and maybe he can make the team in a long reliever role. Unlike last year when I thought we should've resigned Fogg, we seem pretty solid in the end of the rotation department. But, I guess you can never be too sure. Am I excited about this signing? Not really. Any excitement that I do have is probably more sentimental than anything. Still, here's to a comeback year for the Dragon Slayer!


Sonic Tooth said...

blockbuster doesn't really begin to define the magnatude of this move.
seriously though, the sentimentality factor is kinda nice.

DeathTruck said...

It might be nice if he had a little comeback year.