Friday, September 24, 2010

Guess My 6 RBIs Aren't Enough

And that is how a season goes into the shitter. The offense has been spotty on this roadie, but it's clear right now that the starting rotation is a mess (3 out of the last 4 games the starters have been run before the 5th) and as a result the bullpen is completely gassed. Getting swept by a team deeply entrenched in last place is not what creates post-season births. The Pony made things interesting late, and a Tulo shot careening inches wide of the foul pole in the top of the 9th would have made for an incredible comeback, but it feels like those checks were long since cashed during the 10 game winning streak. The balls aren't bouncing their way and the calls all seem to go against the Rocks right now. Bottom line is they are making critical mistakes and not playing well enough to provide any margin of error. Still looking forward to a couple more games at Coors tomorrow night and Tuesday, but it's likely going to feel more like exhibition games than a pennant race. Bummer...


Sonic Tooth said...

yeah. colossal bummer the past 4 games, just fucked themselves.
Would pretty much require a sweep of the Giants to keep things interesting.

Sonic Tooth said...

RE: Idiot in fake denim dress shirt.
If I had a bomb that could neatly level like a 1-2 hundred square foot rectangle I'd choose the behind home plate holding pen for idiot D'Backs fans. So annoying...and really hard to deal with, as the Rockies are in the process of getting swept by the lowly inhabitants of Chase Field.