Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Like Rick James, the Rockies are dead.

It's been a frustrating and fun season. Expectations were way too high.
The pitching staff was made dicey with injuries, and there was the saga of an ace who started hot and really couldn't carry the club through various bullshit late. Props to Ubaldo all the same.
We can't rely on Cook or a lot of love for the both of them but this ain't '07. Unwar Corpas eternally. Street? Can you quit making me sweat and giving up meatball homeruns? May Esmil keep the mohawk and not give up 4 run innings? Jason Hammel looks friendly, mellow, and normal. What does that mean?
Let the Chacin era begin. Keep DLR. Get more arms...and I don't mean Manny Delcarmen.

If you aren't Tulo or CarGo, you weren't consistently pulling weight in the box. Sure, Melvin, Spilly, Giambi, Miggy, and others had their moments or streaks...but no one could be counted on like the offensive cornerstones (yeah i said it) of the Rockies, Troy and Carlos. Sad seeing Todd continue to decline. Sad seeing I-Dog straight suck shit. Sad never being able to count on the bats that went with the speed of Dexter or EY Jr. Sad that Stew-bag got hurt (I guess?) and never reached his potential...again. Sad that Seth is just a mediocre outfielder...not Mr. Late Night.
So long Hawpe. Make some noise in the ALDS.

Had some good times with the Rockies, and at Coors Field in 2010. Spent way too much cash on beer. Slapped numerous high fives. Ate 30PT's kettle corn. Enjoyed C-Bass' killer "10th row behind home plate" seats a couple time. Got on the field and ran the bases and the warning track multiple times with my daughter, Mini-ST. Drank badly disguised Natty light at Swanky's. Saw way more wins than losses at the ballyard over the 20? or so games I went to (I watched way too many L's on FSN though). Loved baseball amongst it all. I guess that's what it's about and why I dig this shit. Can break your heart.
Wish I was making my playoff ticket considerations right now.

Oh, the season isn't over and they're going to play the Cardinals through the weekend? I'm sure there's folks in St.L who have similar stories to tell.

The season is over.


TroutDog said...

A very comprehensive and accurate overview of the season that was 2010. A roller coaster ride indeed. Thankfully, the Lost Weekend in LV helped mask the final weekend being played out without Ubaldo getting his 20 wins (apparently the offense took the weekend off from paying attention to the Rockies too). Congrats to the Pony for claiming the batting title though.

Lots of tinkering to be done in the off season. And when do we start playing the trip to the new spring training complex in Phoenix?

Sonic Tooth said...

Yeah....Matador at 21 in LV was just what I needed to ignore the final weekend. GBV!

We start planning