Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Rockies Are Kind of Dishin' 'em

Looked like the winning streak wasn't going to reach double digits and then a weird bloop double ties the game in the 7th, followed by a Giambino 2-out, pinch-hit, walk-off HR in the bottom of the 9th. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Pretty jubilant scene in ST's living room after the Giambi dong. The D-Bags kind of handed this one to the Rocks (despite excellent starting pitching), which I guess is what happens when you're riding a 9-game winning streak against a shitty team.

I like three straight sweeps a lot, but go ahead and make it four against the Pads before hitting the road.


Sonic Tooth said...

Hella dishin' 'em.

Got that "Team of Destiny" vibe right now. Roll on.

Young Bear said...

I must add the solid "freshness" of my MAIN man, Esmil. Since his return to the bullpen, he has been pretty dollars. A bit wild, but exicitng nonetheless

C'Mon Super Francis!

Sonic Tooth said...

The line drive to the face Rogers caught was awesome...he looked pretty studly as he walked off the mound muttering, "ain't no big thang"

DeathTruck said...

I don't know about this whole games not on TV bullshit.