Friday, November 5, 2010

Boom, Miggy Outta Here

Not totally sure how to react to this one. If it was the first half Miggy, this would obviously look foolish as hell. Hard to argue with wanting to go in a different direction than the 2nd half Olivo. Crappy at the plate and made some pretty horrible throwing errors that were costly down the stretch. All of that said, O'Dowd better not be putting all of his catcher eggs in the I-Dog basket. I would like to think Lansford is going to be the catalyst that transforms I-Dog into an every day catcher, but that seems like a big leap of faith (read: stupidity). There better be a hot stove Plan B that emerges from all of this....


DeathTruck said...

The IDog basket belongs in the Springs.

Sonic Tooth said...

I guess it would have been a hefty price to retain Miggy...and he did fade.
But yes, I-Dog's basket is laden with rotten eggs.
Will be interesting to see who the Rox supplement the catching corp with.
Is JD Closser available? I hope not.