Sunday, May 22, 2011

All Of These Position Players Hitting Below .250 Are Driving This Season Into the Shitcan (and making my butt itch out of stress)

While DT has appropriately bashed the bullpen in recent days, let's not overlook the 200 lb elephant in the room: the offense (note: the 200 lb elephant is something one of Yogabody's coworkers actually said). I will offer this up, the bullpen meltdowns wouldn't be so heart wrenching if they did not happen on the rare occasion where the offense actually scores more than one or two runs. I will also offer this up: teams teams that have one starter hitting over .250 (that would be Taaaadd, Johnny Boy didn't start today and sorry Tulo, you dropped to .250 today) do not come close to making the playoffs. At this point, it's difficult to see how a team so inept at the plate suddenly turns it around. Carney Lansford, you're better than this. Speaking of the A's they are chokers too, to the Giants no less. Shitty ass weekend in baseball.


DeathTruck said...

Agreed, the batting averages on this team are a joke. Hopefully, they can turn this crappy display around before they head into lala land.

On a side note, it was pretty great hearing YB talk about the Rockies's woes on the Press Box today.

TroutDog said...

Apparently the YB lit a flame under that Rocks offense (at least in game 1). DLR better not be seriously hurt.