Saturday, September 20, 2008

Don't Think I Still Can't Blow a Save

Pretty lame ending by the Rocks tonight blowing it in the top of the 9th via a 2-run HR by Stephen Drew off of the seemingly invincible Brian Fahhh-uentes. He had a pretty crazy streak going on the last few months with nearly scoreless pitching and something like 16 consecutive saves in a row. I guess tonight's hiccup isn't technically a blown save, but it sure feels like one.

I wasn't able to watch most of this game, but did make it home in the bottom of the 8th in time to see the Rocks tally a run to tie it up at 3-3. I was getting ready to settle in to watch either some bottom of the 9th heroics, or at least extra innings baseball. I got neither.

Here's to hoping Fuentes has a save opportunity tomorrow in the home finale. DT and I will be in attendance to give the 2008 season a proper send off. I hope tonight isn't how we have to remember Fuentes' Rockies career at Coors.

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