Thursday, September 11, 2008

unwar the entire bullpen

First it was Taylor, then Luis, now it's Rusch/Herges. You got think Hurdle gave up when he gave Herges the ball. I can't remember the last time that guy came in and didn't give up runs or put on runners for another pitcher in the bully to take care of. Was there a reason why Grilli wasn't put in? The season is officialy over; Rockies '08: Return to Crapiness. The hat to the flames picture will be put up within 24 hours, and it will remain up until the first pitch in Tucson or wherever they wind up playing next spring.

I will omit Grilli and Fuentes (really?, possibly Manny too, he's been unwarred plenty earlier in the year) from this harsh but very appropriate post.


Sonic Tooth said...

this team (and the bullpen specifically) appeared to give up on the season about a week ago. the sweep in ATL was disgraceful. Hurdle seems unable to inspire...
last season's miracle-run was just that, a miracle.
watching the stretch-run of this season; nobody hits in the clutch. nobody pitches lights out when it matters. and Hurdle makes questionable moves all the while idly chomping on his gum...

i still like the group, but there really seems to be a lack of heart from what i've seen lately.

oh well, bring it this weekend against the Dodgers, allow me SOME September satisfaction.

TroutDog said...

I enjoy me some DT angst....

My thoughts exactly. Is Grilli hurt? What about Reynolds or Hirsch? Jesus, Hurdle has no clue. F-ing expanded roster and he's still trying to over-manage his bullpen.

Weak pitching + bad hitting doesn't = the playoffs. But, there's no way the Rocks get swept with some competency or inspiration in the dugout.

Somehow, I'm still looking forward to a couple of games this weekend at Coors. I really hate the Dodgers. And I can't seem to take my eyes off of this train wreck called the Colorado Rockies.

War spring training - where ever it happens.