Tuesday, March 10, 2009



TroutDog said...

It's nice to see BSB finally give some props to one of the best catchers in the league. Pretty clutch hit Sun in the WBC as well.

TroutDog said...

Speaking of the WBC, how about Ubaldo's record-setting 10 K's in 4 innings. That's 10 of 12 outs. That's a pretty high percentage.

Really starting to worry about DLR's struggles in his last two outings against Team Mexico and now the A's. Dude only got one guy out and gives up 5 ER? Yeah, I guess that sounds familiar to early last season for DLR.

DeathTruck said...

yeah, I guess get the bad starts out now. A Cactus League ERA of 27.00?

On WBC note, why the hell do we have to play Venezuela again for seeding? Didn't we already beat them by like 50 runs on Sunday? This weird pool format seems very questionable.