Monday, March 23, 2009

C'mon Todd!!!

Pulling a classic nerd move by watching some tape-delayed Cactus League action from this afternoon's game against the Brewers. The early returns on Todd's surgically repaired back are encouraging to say the least. Seems like he's only been playing for a little over a week and he's already hit four dongs. Spilly has also gone yard today giving him his third dinger of Cactus League. I'm starting to think that a healthy, re-invigorated Helton and Spilly playing everyday, instead of the bunting machine that was Willy T, might make up some (emphasis on some) of the power lost with Holliday gone.

Ubaldo is also looking mighty dominant on the hill. Obviously, he is vital for the rotation to have any sort of punch this year.

Also, give me Goodman and Fraz any day over these losers collaborating from Fox Sports Wisconsin.

Two weeks until opening day and counting.....


Sonic Tooth said...

as long as "surgically repaired" remains "repaired" i've got some high hopes for TODD this year. he has looked pretty good at the plate.
can Spilly keep it up for an entire year? if so, then i like.
Cookie was pretty good against the Tribe yesterday too...

Sonic Tooth said...

...and by the way. if TODD comes out of the gate hot, i say bootleg screenprint shirts with that drawing are in order.

TroutDog said...

I wonder if we could commission the artist to do some more player likenesses.

Some shirts similar to those Plummer-stache beauties from a few years ago done up with Helton goats would be pretty awesome too.

Young Bear said...

I was wondering about the artist, too.
That drawing is freakin' awesome.

I would love to see his Tulo.