Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A taste Of the Rose

Death Truck my were a bit premature in your celebration, as I double up your post in a hurry. Jesus....what a horrid fucking bottom of the 9th.
Hip Hip Jorge, as they say....
Thank god for some Jorge.
Nice to see some Tulo and Stew-Bag Dongs too.
Hawpe. Fake All-Star.
Let's revisit the Big Issue: 9th inning bullpen bed-shitting.
Morales needs to dial it down a notch. Or hopefully never be in a position to pitch. Tulo ERRORS???? Bettencourt making me sweat.....I miss Street.
F U C K I N G crucial win. I could barely watch the end.


Sonic Tooth said...

i probably curse too much.

DeathTruck said...

been a while since I've seen a double post.

Sonic Tooth said...

been a very long while....