Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who Would've Thunk It?

In early June, I sure the hell wouldn't have thought it possible. Pretty freakin' amazing what has happened this season to have a magic number of 1 with four games to go. It would take some major bed-shitting down the stretch at this point to blow it, as the Rocks take a major step in the last couple days to make the playoffs (no jinx, no jinx). DT and I will be in the house tomorrow when the Rocks hopefully punch that post season ticket. Oh, and nice 'hawk, bro.


Sonic Tooth said...

I can't say enough about the job Jim Tracy has done.

Sonic Tooth said...

1 is the magicingest number.

TroutDog said...

War Dodger bed-shitting. Let's wrap this puppy on this afternoon in the wind!!

Chain Lightning said...

Lets sweep this thing and let the Nats do their own thing.

Cookie on the mound? Trying to get into post season form I hope.

Young Bear said...

Speaking of 'hawks!!!!

Cookie, sweet 'do!

Walks and Ks a plenty from the brew crew staff.
5-0 in the 4th!


DeathTruck said...

Pretty nice little day at the ballpark actually.