Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here's one that won't mean anything to anyone.
Consider this my so-long tribute to BigHitYorvit (dude was pretty engaging with the crowd, especially since he wasn't in the lineup).
An August 2008 game against the D-Backs that I made the odd decision to trek down solo on a Tuesday night and buy a single ticket. Wound up getting a pretty damn nice seat right behind the dugout for like $15 bucks. Probably aided by the eventuality that there would be no miracle run. No playoffs.
This game (like many in 2008) was a loss...regardless of the fact that the Magnificent was on the hill.
I'm pretty sure I was wearing shorts with black socks and sandals and a hat with tons of Rockies pins on it and a too-small Walker jersey and nursed a diet-Pepsi and kept meticulous score in a program and had head phones on listening to the Voices of Summer and may have even splurged for a tray of nachos or some other wild, decadent food item.
No come to think of it, I bought my normal array of stadium brews and shuttled in a bag of nuts. Nerdy? sure. That Nerdy? hell no.

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TroutDog said...

I recall that odd night out for you and your fancy-dancy seats. Better get used to it this year, sitting the C-Bass seats.

And no, baseball nerd jokes never age....