Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paws at the Park '07. 2 hounds and 1 cattle dog....loving a Rockies' thrilling victory over the Padres. Jesus Christ, my Aramark stadium beer totals at this game were through the roof, Sammy-dog is such a brew mooch.
Bring this promotion back!!!


TroutDog said...

Hanklin loves mid-80's emo. He made me wear that shirt. Glad to know that DT is still alive.

And yes, bring that shit back!

DeathTruck said...

I sort of remember some Brad Hawpe heroics from that game.

Sonic Tooth said...

Yep. Hawpe homer landed in the bleachers a section or two over.

TroutDog said...

In a year with a world-series run that included a play-in game, it's heart-warming to know that the dogs got to witness an exciting, and as it turns out, totally crucial mid-season game. Received an email today telling me my opening day tickets have been printed.

DT- When do we start making Tucson plans?