Friday, May 20, 2011

All these blown leads is making my butt itch....

An understatement to say that the bullpen is struggling. [insert rant about Paulino]. I don't want to sound like some smart-ass-blogger-nerd, but why does Paulino have an MLB contract? Couldn't anyone do what he does (put on runners and allow dongs)? His opponent batting average is like .400... that's no joke. IT might be time to count our losses with the whole Barmes trade (at least send him down to the springs (I don't care about the whole options thing)... or MOdesto).

And whatup with the dumpness of Steet and Bettenfart? What the H?
Corpas report?


TroutDog said...

What the H indeed!! I'm glad you've been keeping up on the Norm Sports show. A gem by the way.

Ok, the bullpen blew 3 saves tonite!!! Fuck that! Paulino is worse than Barmes. Street kind of sucks and Bettenfart is struggling. Ugghhh, Hammel better hit more HR's if he expects to win more games.

Side note: The Dome in Milwaukee is a disgrace. Those fat people need to at least be in the elements to be charming. And the broadcast out of "FSN Milwaukee" is boring as hell. What ever happened to Mike Hagen?

Go A's....

Sonic Tooth said...

Mike Hegan has been the radio guy for the Indians for awhile I believe.

And let it be known, i've touched his world series trophy he won with the A's in '72. They had the thing like out in their living room.