Saturday, August 21, 2010

The '10 Entry On This Card Will Not Be Pretty

No idea how Street can still be our closer. It was hard to believe before last night and even more astounding when I read this morning that Tracey has declared him to still be our closer. As DT mentioned to me last night, it reeks of Shawn Chacon. Street is a likable player and had a great year in '09 (despite the playoffs), but it's time to face facts that running him out there in the 9th at this point is killing the team and whatever shred of confidence he has left. Let him pitch in a different role the rest of these meaningless games and put Belisle, Corpas, Bettencourt, or Biemel out there to finish games for now. Hell, throw that huge rookie Reynolds out there. He looks like he has a closer's physique. Give Street a chance to compete next year for the closer spot.

Of course this game should not have been as close it was going into the 9th. Once again, the Rockies' offense failed to break the game open in several innings when the D-Bags were desperately trying to give it away. So predictable that it would end the way it did when you see all of that LOB.

Oh, and now that Johnny Boy has been called back up, please bench Barmes. He has been garbage for quite some time now. Go Reds?


DeathTruck said...

Too bad we're not in a special place again this year.

Sonic Tooth said...

Amen brother.
I was also shocked to read Tracy's intention to keep him in the closer role in the Post today. Dumb-founding.

And I still don't like Barmes...