Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hawper, boom, outta here, I guess.

I'm starting to run out of valid T-Shirt jerseys at this point. Sadly I file my Hawpe along with my Holliday, Tavares, and Carroll. Thankfully I never achieved Marquis status. At this point this season I wouldn't argue with the notion of sending my Cook into this pile.
Seriously. Sign of the times. Just over a year ago Brad was an NL All-Star rep. He's pretty much sucked since the '09 break. Not sucked on the level of say, an Iannetta, but still pretty disappointing. I-Dog has the luxury of a fat contract to rest his ~.200 average on. Hawpe was a free-agent in a couple months...expendable with the current outfield. That said, a real shame that Smitty was on a 0-fer 22 streak until last night. Shame about it all really.
Frankly I don't want to know these Rockies without Carlos Gonzales, Tulo, and Ubaldo. Perhaps I'm being harsh, but everyone else is either a fringe player, streaky player, a player who has yet to "reach his potential", or a player that is showing that their usefulness is expiring. Brad fell into two of those categories on some level. I wish him the best. He's not a seed chomping, Boras knob-slobbering assface like Matty is. Thankfully Holliday touched the plate and also gave us CarGo. Too bad Hawpe had to fall in the mediocrity ditch and lose all value. (anyone seen G-Dog lately?)
Nice win last night by the way...not that it really matters beyond pride anymore. Love the stat that the Rockies are holding the longest "current" streak of win-loss-win pattern games at 14 or so. Last team to run that bizarre stat up that high was the 2007 Rockies I believe. No wonder insane streaks to close seasons are so crucial here in Colorado.


Sonic Tooth said...

great work keeping up that ....w/l/w/l/w/l streak guys.
fuck Lilly.

TroutDog said...

Sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the other pitcher. Or tip to your hat to an offense that sucks badly on the road and looks every opposing pitcher look like Cy Young. 3 runs in 3 games. Sweet.

I agree with the Hawpe analysis. I liked the guy, but it's hard to shed too many tears the way he's played since last year's All Star game. I'm really going to miss hearing Nickleback.

This new streak is mighty intriguing.

Sonic Tooth said...

Shit, I hadn't even considered the Nickelback ramifications.