Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That Was A Nifty 9-Run Comeback

Maybe nifty isn't the right word. Perhaps the word I was searching for was 'special.' Yes, that was a real special comeback that goes to show this team knows how to win. Maybe a game like this will trigger something inside this team that will allow its players to put their egos over here, so they can get back to a special place.

Nice that the team picks up Super Esmil after a disastrous start from the rookie. After letting him down AZ five days previous, it only seems appropriate. Pretty rad that Ken Burns was in town today too promoting the sequel (the 10th Inning) to his excellent baseball documentary. Hope he was taking notes for the inclusion of this game into his next installment.

With the Gigantes and Phils both losing today, our little Home 9 are only four games out of the wild card. Out of it? Not entirely. Need this to continue when the Dodgers come calling Fri. Until then, I'm going to savor this win and this series.....


Sonic Tooth said...

Jesus, sounds like a crazy game. I didn't even have freaking internet connection for the majority of the week. Been scouting Greenlandic prospects.

I think you mistakenly included a picture of Billie Jean King throwing out the first pitch instead of Ken Burns.

TroutDog said...

Funny, I was thinking Burns totally looks like some female rocker.

Crazy game indeed.