Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Please line up for the Bakedog and Q fan club registration.

Things starting to turn around for this club. Hopefully not too late to salvage shit.

Good god. Some dudes who have bared the brunt of my critical abuse in the past are stepping up and being instrumental in some recent wins. I love that. Amazing to see Todd struggle so much at the plate (still crucial defensively over at first every damn night though I must say) but get lifted by some of these guys when it comes to offensive output.

Nice outing by Francis too. Keep that up my friend.

My A's boasting got its dick knocked in the dirt tonight I'm afraid. The fucking Dodgers won too. Brings me to the simple fact that the Rockies need to win games against their division foes when those games present themselves or these "5 straight series wins" don't mean shit really.


TroutDog said...

Back-to-back victories with the company of TD at Coors Field. I approve. Bake Dog with a nice dong (uh, yeah). Even Q with a crucial couple of RBIs. Yeah, it does make one's head spin.

I agree, playing well within the division will be a must, but let's not forget, two of these 5 series wins come against the NL West (Dodgers and Giants). Still, a sweep tomorrow would be nice, and, in general, there is no letting off the gas peddle.

DeathTruck said...

During the pre-game, Helmer and Adams were saying how well Omar and Stew-bag were playing since the tulo/barmey injuries. I was like really? Have they been actually watching the games? I guess they proved my sarcastic ass wrong last night... at least for Q (stew-bag still strikes out way too much).

These Indians are really just a bunch of pencil pushers.

War not uwaarring members of the bullpen (like Grilli)

War double negatives

Sonic Tooth said...

True TD, there was some NL West success wrapped into this little run. I'm just still scarred from those early D-Backs series'.

Has Mani relinquished tickie for tomorrow's showdown with Mr. Met?