Friday, June 13, 2008

Lupus needs a damn beer.

And the Rockies need to step up when a game is on the line. Tonight's game with the ChiSox (and last night's series closeout with the Giants) were both a fairly decent microcosm of a lost season. Last night with the game in reach, Corpas comes in and gives SF two more runs to pad what had been a one run deficit. Tonight, the Rockies have a 4-2 lead in the 7th, Herges comes in and is unable to clean up Francis' baserunner mess, giving up a basehit by Uribe. Shit, Juan hasn't played in a few weeks and his yearly average is under .200 but was able to rope a 2 RBI basehit to tie things up, and then Q isn't able to handle a hot-hit ball at short from jackass Pierczynsczyszyki and the eventual winning run crosses homeplate. Sure the Rox had a couple innings to even the score or take the lead, but decided it better to pad their impressive strikeout totals. Hell, Brandon Cruz and the hated Yankees from the North Valley Little League could have sat down the Rox in a late innings situation I bet.
This team bears no resemblance to the hotshit clutch heroes of last year. Would have been nice if it had been Tulo and Kaz handling the AJ laser instead of Quintinilla and Herrerra, they might have gotten the job done. Sure, it's nice to see Stew-bag and Willie T (what?!?!) get some jacks but to go 1-2-3 in the 8th and 9th only down one run is disgraceful to us fans as well as Morris Buttermaker.
Feel the need to quote from the classic film...this from Kelly Leak hitting on some chick at the ballet studio.
"I'm hitting .841, I'm on the Bears; You live around here? I got a Harley Davidson."


Sonic Tooth said...

OK. need to throw out another quote.

Buttermaker after Lupus mixes him the martini as he's chilling in the lawn chair.
"Lupus, this is superb!"

TroutDog said...

Well, DT and myself are back in the land of the internets. We let our baseball geek flag fly up in the Canyonlands and Arches NP listening to static-laden KOA broadcasts of the games on Wed night (could actually hear the winning, almost choke-job ending), Thursday day (really didn't get much reception, excetpt VERY static-ey Boys of Summer commentary that didn't even give us an accurate account of who won the game), and Fri night (7th inning choke job).

Luckily, we're back and can report about a big win this evening over the WSox. 2-0? What the fuck? Jorge de la Rosa? I guess I'll take it. Cookie going tomorrow to perhaps take a 4th straight series win. Make it happen farmer boy.

In the meantime, I'm icing down my elbow in a bucket of budweisers.....go rocks.