Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not Getting the Job Done

The Rocks lose their first series in while at home today, falling to the NY Mets, 3-1. After last night's strong offensive output to support a gem of a game pitched by Ubaldo, the offense sputters at key times (a familiar theme this season) and wastes a pretty decent outing by young Greg Reynolds. Not a horrible week at home, but a 5-2 homestand with a win today would have felt much better than the mediocre 4-3 record we posted after today's loss.

Up come the Royals next. If the Rocks are to contend late in the season, they need to do two things - 1) play much better on the road and 2) play much better within the NL West. With a week on the road against KC and Detroit in interleague play (something that has been quite friendly to the Rocks), now would be a good time to start on #1.

Thankfully, it appears that the rest of the NL West is having a tough day too. At this point, it only appears we'll only lose ground to the Dodgers.


Sonic Tooth said...

There were chances today, but the Rox were (familiar theme indeed) unable to capitalize with runners on. A shame, since it was a low scoring affair, wouldn't have taken much to tie, or win this game.

Bake-dog never should have tried to get home on that passed ball early in the game, or at the very least shouldn't have hesitated.

Sonic Tooth said...

nice SI Hurdle shot!

TroutDog said...

Yes, not often there is a picture of the series, Royals-style!

TroutDog said...

Barmes will be back tomorrow. Nice, I like.

Sonic Tooth said...

god. why does Francis suck so?