Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nice little start actually....

Encouraging and exciting. The Inspector must be pissing himself.

Weird that the "inevitable" Frank-Dog send-down was followed through with. Dude had a strong game. This Rays cast-off, Hammel, better bring it.
Congrats to Dexter for his first MLB homer.
Glad to see the Phillies (hopefully) getting their offensive explosion out of their system.
AL note. My A's? SuperFuentes coughing up a blown save and loss for the Angels...I ain't crying over that news.

KEEP IT GOING FRIDAY AT COORS! May the Buttcrack section be rocking, drunk, and semi-naked.


Young Bear said...

ST-nice evening (post-minor league hoop game) blogging!

I have already watched more Rox baseball this season than most of last year combined.

Super Ubaldo?
Super Franklin?

I like.

Did Don Baylor turn Tulo into a patient hitter?
Might be tons of more walks and bombs in his future.

TroutDog said...

Didn't get to hear much of that game yesterday (or see it for that matter), but yes, a road series win in AZ to open the season is quite different than the start of last year. A home series win against the World Champs would also be huge to give the record a little padding and the team a little confidence before embarking a very tough roadie against the Cubs, Dodgers, and back to the D-Bags (neff!) You come back from that stretch within a couple games of .500 and you have to feel decent.

TroutDog said...
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TroutDog said...

A few other observations: Dongs so far in the first games: Fowler, Tulo (2), Stewbag, I-Dog, , Seth, and Yorvit.

If those not named Atkins, Helton, and Hawpe can be mashing like that, it will be exciting once the heart of the lineup starts hitting (Hawper has at least hit for average, G-Dog batting .000).

Agreed on the Frank-Dog '09 take. I bet he'll be back before too long. Doesn't hurt to dominate some AAA ball for a few weeks. Feel bad for the dude though.

DeathTruck said...

To answer your question from the last post's comments TD, the Rox were over .500 once last year: right after a Kip Wells win that was technically the 1st game of the season (but was scheduled to be the 2nd due to the rain-out). So we were over .500 for one day.

TroutDog said...

Were the Rocks ever over .500 at any point last season?

TroutDog said...

Get an avatar YB!!!

You'll be missed in the buttcrack.

Sonic Tooth said...

No YB in the 'crack????