Sunday, April 5, 2009

TroutDog Is Ready For Baseball

To quote a cinematic luminary (Chip Douglas aka the Cable Guy), "Let's get it on!!!" The sour taste that the '08 baseball season left can't be washed out soon enough. While I hope '09 will yield better results, I'm thinking it will just be less painful due to lower expectations. I kind of like the Rockies team, but it is flawed in many ways. It will only take a slight rocking of the boat and the wheels could come off quickly (sorry to mix metaphors).

My biggest concerns are the rotation and the schedule in April. The butt-end of the Rock's starting rotation is vulnerable to say the least. I'd like to think that Super J (Jason Marquis - the nickname is a work in progress) will be solid out of the gate and that DLR and Frank Dog (Morales, not Francis) will hold their own, but the trio hold an unknown commodity that doesn't sit well in this fan's stomach. Moreover, Ubaldo isn't a seasoned veteran and Cookie can be a bit injury-prone. So, I hold my breath in terms of what the Rock's starting pitching holds in store.

Probably more concerning is the fact the Rockies have one of the most unfavorable April schedules imaginable. Opening the season against the top 3 D-Bags starting pitchers, possibly facing Cole Hamels in your home opener a few days later (countering with the aforementioned Super J, no offense, but not all that fair), and hardly any home games until May. Truth be told, the Rockies could easily be 8 games back before those fruity Russians start parading around the May Day Pole.

Still, I think we have a chance to win the NL West, flip a giant F-U to the experts, and make those $6.75 Coors Lights almost seem worth it. The key is a somewhat consistent starting rotation, hitting that lives up to potential, and surviving April no more than 7 games back in the division. Either way, I'll waste plenty of time at the ballpark..........


DeathTruck said...

I think a lot is riding on Street and Corpas. The bullpen's crapiness had a lot do with the spring struggles of last season. Fuentes and Corpas fucking up my picks.

Ask Dan Pleasac about the Rockies and he'll go into a laughing fit about how much it sucks to pitch ar Coors [MLB Network, 30 Clubs in 30 Days, 2009]. Personally I thought he retired well before the Stadium was built.

TroutDog said...

I thought the same thing about Mr. Sac's schtick on 30Ci30Ds. I don't seem to remember him pitching at Coors, especially in the humidor era.

Bank One Ballpark seems to be way worse to pitch in according to Opening Day.

Sonic Tooth said...