Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Good Lord Would Never Ruin the Best Winning Streak of My Life!!!

Not even severe thunder storms and tornado threats can derail the red-hot Rocks. Sort of losing track of how many wins in a row this is, but I want to say we're up to 11. This matches the win streak at the end of the '07 season. The Rays come to town next sporting a pretty decent 5-game winning streak themselves. Something has to give Tuesday night, but considering our dominance over the AL in interleague play, I like our chances. It's Guys Night Out, so let's make it a dozen in a row fellas.

On a down note, Taylor Buchholz had Tommy John surgery and is out for the year. Maybe not a huge deal, but still would've been nice to get him back in the bullpen at some point in the year. Lame.

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Sonic Tooth said...

Looks like the weather should be a little more favorable for guys-night-out tomorrow. It will be a collision of winning streaks...I better not be heard to shout "Rat Farts!". Lightning or no.

BTW, i got 5 tix for Sunday vs. the Pirates as well, similar seats as our Tuesday set.