Saturday, June 20, 2009

Well, Nuts!

Even when things are going about as well for the Rocks as one could have imagined in their wildest dreams, of course there's got to be some bad news to remind everyone to come back to earth. Corpas has bone chips in his elbow and is going on the 15 DL. Not welcome news considering Manny has been pretty solid lately and the recent news about Buchholz being out for the year. This sounds more serious to me than just a two week absence. Seems like whenever there's an elbow or shoulder problem with a pitcher, it's about 50-50 he's done for the year. After losing Francis and Buchholz, it would be a big blow to lose Manny for the rest of the year.

Still, the team remains on a roll thanks to a brilliant pitching performance by Marq-Dog. Send that man to the All-Star game. I seem to remember in the not-too-distant past when a 3-game winning streak would be an amazing run for the Rocks. Now it seems fairly pedestrian. That's a good sign. With the bullpen down a man, Ham-Bone and DLR need to pitch well these next two games.

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DeathTruck said...

Perhaps we should bring back Gabe White?