Friday, June 5, 2009

Wha?!?! Rockies victimize opponent's bullpen? DLR in line for win? Stu-bag AVG. over .200? Am I in some kind of fantastic parallel universe?

Props to the newest lil' Rockies fan, Elle B. Your sister and cousin are flat-out Real Rockies.

Not really sure how to process the opportunistic Rockies offense. I'm sure I'll not be forced to try again any time soon. Prove me wrong you idiots. Let's see if we can hold a 9 run lead. I'm still a little worried, even with Grilli safely away from the bullpen. and DLR having a little meltdown here in the 7th. Holy shit, I sincerely hope that cushion is big enough.


TroutDog said...

Like my dream last night, I wish I was at the game tonight, except instead of being in my Cards Sunday Blue jersey (don't ask), I'm wearing a DLR jersey, or maybe a Hawpe jersey. If we trade Hawpe, we suck. Isn't that guy under contact for a few years? I hear rumors and they don't make sense. Trade A-pup, trade Spilly, hell, trade Tulo, whatever the fuck you idots do, you better not trade Hawpe.

BTW. Nice dong tonight Stewbag.

Sonic Tooth said...

Trade A-Pup? I think DT would want to nix that trade.

TroutDog said...

Yeah, I meant to say G-Pup. Maybe I was thinking about A Cook, who better not fuck up this winning streak.