Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just Thought I'd Drop By And Say, "Hey!"

I bet y'all have missed me around these parts. Well, if you were at the game last night, you got a little backwash flavor of the old Hurdle era. Yeah, I like the moves to keep Ianetta in the lineup and why keep the hottest hitter in the league this side of Matt Holliday in the lineup (C-Gone), when you can insert the red-hot Spilly. The only move I question is not keeping Cookie in the game a little longer to completely fuck up his shoulder.

Even though the offense didn't produce shit all night, we did get some good barrel on the ball, and that counts for something, right?


DeathTruck said...

No, not always Clint.

Riggins said...

Suppla me a little MLB network action followed by some NFL network Broncos's to a 3 game win streak starting this evening!

Sonic Tooth said...

riggins, you were suppla-ed some zany baseball last night.