Friday, August 14, 2009

Palling around with Brian McNamee

Ok, that's not really Brian McNamee, but as requested somthing needed to be said about the ridiculous play of Troy Tulowitzki lately. I don't know how many players have gone concourse twice in one game, but Tulo did on Monday. And he's hit dongs in 3 of the last 4 games... not bad. You might want to think about sharing some of those roids with your friends G and I Dog (I don't really think Tulo's on roids; I just think it's funny to blog about Herges-related topics).


Sonic Tooth said...

needs more dongs.

Sonic Tooth said...

don't like these Fish, they are officially a menace.

G-Dog's haircut seems to have helped. we could use a shorn Atkins during these divsional/wild card race times.

nice 9th inning scare the Rockies put into the ~10k "Land Shark Stadium" faithful. that team and their fanbase is a disgrace.

DeathTruck said...

No doubt, especially with their team very much in a playoff chase.

Need to bounce back today. Got to like our chances with Cook and then DLR (I never thought I'd be so confident in the latter).