Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Probably time to start hitting....

OK. It's June now.
The Rockies need to hit to their potential...and consistently. Last night's game was a succinct encapsulation of what is not going right about this season. A good first inning at the plate and not much after...and another close loss. This team is pretty terrible in the late innings. I'm not going to spew stats but I'm fairly certain a trip to the Baseball Reference site would deliver some sobering information about the Rockies' late inning bats.
Francis delivered a pretty solid performance last night but was a tad lucky too. Not sure what the hell Tracy was thinking having him bat in the 6th with Mora on third...he was already looking shaky and commenced to get lit up in the 7th, we could have used a better chance of putting runs on the board at that point.
After having a 5-0 start to my season's Coors Field visits, last night was pretty disappointing, against the lowly Astros no less.

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