Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silencing A Nation

Thank you very much Mr. Giambi. Such an awesome game to be at, even in the Rockpile. DT and I had a pretty grand view of both Stewbag and Giambino's blasts in the bottom of the 9th against Papplebaaawwwwnn! Doesnt' get much sweeter than that. Although Super U got roughed up a bit (against two dudes I've never even heard of - who is this Nava dude?), the offense finally picks up the slack and generates a late-inning victory. Could stand to see much, much more of that. And would whoever took DT's and ST's Little Pony tshirt jerseys in the post-game celebration madness kindly return them? A small price to pay I suppose for a finale like that...sweep 'em boys.


Sonic Tooth said...

Actually sitting in the Rockpile??? Wow.

Flu-baldo with his first shaky game of the season....and yes, that Nava cat owned him. Nava doesn't even have a photo mugshot on GameCast.

Regarding your Little Pony shirts...might check with Helmer he seemed unhinged during the post-game, I wouldn't put it past him to have been a part of any chaos.

TroutDog said...

Oh, you know DT and I desended from the Rockpile to get an side-stage view of Helmer / Cowboy hijinks. Thought about giving Helmer some high fives at one point. The backdrop crowd was rowdy to say the least, as well they should be.

Flu-baldo looked great the first couple of innings, but I noticed his fastball velocity dropped a lot after a couple of innings. Started at 98-99 and suddenly dropped to about 94-95 by the third innings. Sign of the flu if you ask me. Just read that McDonald cat went to Cherry Creek. What a c*cksucker.

And yes, there was zero sliding opps. Plus our Rockpile seats were pretty decent actually.

DeathTruck said...

yeah, that game kind of ruled; it felt like we won a pennant or something.

Good to see a clutch AB out of Giambi.