Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Salvation

It took yet another dazzling performance from Super U to avoid an embarrassing sweep to the shit-ass Snakes this afternoon. Thank god. While his ERA soared to 0.93 after a 2-run dong in the 8th inning, Ubaldo was just good enough to win this one for the Rocks. The bully actually comes through as well to get out of a tough jam in the 8th and Corpas redeems himself from the serious Fri night unwarring with a clean 1-2-3 9th. Returning home to face another shit-ass Houston team for a four game series should be the formula to get the Rocks on a roll, but there's no telling with this team. They seem to like to play down to the competition.


DeathTruck said...

Good to see Corpas coming through. I don't know if I'd say that it completely redeems him from the Friday night blown opportunity, but still good to see.

Sure has been a while since I've visited my local Taco Bell.

Captwhatshisname said...

No timely hitting, leaving tons of RISP, frustrating series vs. Snakes.

Rockies just can't take advantage against the bottom half of the NL. Really need some wins vs. the Astros, the teams ahead of us in the West all are playing tough teams, might be able to make up some ground.

I saw a stat recently, something like how we're last in the NL in batting average for innings 7-9. Not good.

Hawpe has been in a big slump, Helton has 10 RBI's, and it seems like only Tulo and Cargo are swinging the bats consistently.

TroutDog said...

As DT says, it's been a while since taco bell has been on the menu. Maybe it's time for the Little Pony to lower the run requirement.

Agreed, Capt. The RISP was horrifying over the weekend. With 95 degree heat in Denver today, something tells me the ball will be flying tonight at Coors. Good thing Hammel is a flyball pitcher.

Ubaldo always warrants a post.