Friday, June 18, 2010

Nice to have another pitcher on the Rockies who currently likes to stymie opposing batters. Amusingly, his last name is quite congruent with a stupid rapper from the early 90s.
Pretty big win. 2 Runs is Enough? (to fill our lives with love?)
The staff already has 9 shutouts this season?


TroutDog said...

Hammer time has been a very pleasant surprise, especially after the way he looked early in the year. Not only has Hambone been hurling gems from the mound, his bat has been standout in this struggling offense. A double and perfect sacrefice squeeze?

It would be an oversight to not mention Bettenfart's big 8th inning performance. Getting those two outs with runners on 2nd and 3rd was huge. Great to see him pick up his teammate Biemey, who kinda got the screwgey from the home plate ump on some strike calls. Corpas looking pretty 2007ish still too, which is nice. Not too much stress involved in the 9th.

Still, can't expect to win many home games putting up a two spot and only six hits. Helton seems to strike out a lot this year. I think it's about time Hawper and Stewbag go on a tear.

Sonic Tooth said...

Beimel got hella screwed. (as did Brett drunkenly searching for a #97 Beimel jersey in LoDo.)

got to mention that I hope Tulo gets well soon.