Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anyone Care For Another Dramatic Comeback?

I know Cardinal fans don't, but largely thanks to a very clutch 3-run HR by Dexter in the 8th, I-Dog was up to the task of spoiling yet another evening for the Redbird faithful populating Coors last night. ST, 30PT, and myself got to enjoy the latest improbable comeback by a team that suddenly can hit (especially in late innings?) but has shaky starting pitching (except Hambone of course). Quite the opposite of the first 2 1/2 months or so of the season. Hopefully Super Ubaldo can shake the recent pitching trend for starters and get things back on track this afternoon against Carpenter.

The C-Bass and I will be there for the finale (weather permitting). I hope to see brooms in the stands and more Redbird fans crying in their beers at their favorite Denver bar - Swankys - after the game.

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Sonic Tooth said...

Another awesome ending to a game...glad I was able to be in the stands for one. A few too many cups of suds though.