Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A very special 9th inning

I'm just now getting over the craziness of last night's game, so sorry for the tardiness of the post. 8 hits in one inning? Jeez Louise, we're lucky to get 8 hits in a single game. Not sure what motivated me and Apup to stick around for the game's completion, probably because deep down we knew we had group of some very special players. There were so many egos over here it was ridiculous.

I think the picture to the right accurately shows the reaction of Cardinal fans after some 9th inning heroics.

.... "and it was beautiful".


Sonic Tooth said...

You guys were troopers. Not sure I'd have the fortitude or optimism to stick through and see the end. Weather and past abysmal situational hitting would have been top 'o my list for my reasoning. And then I'd have been wrong on the latter after that 9th. Amazing.

You keep hearing about certain games being "catalysts" for the season. Is this it? Has it already happened and we're reaping the rewards??

I'm out the door in a few to check out tonight's game. Hopefully Cookie can give the team a better chance from the get-go than Francis did last night (for the 3rd straight game unfortunately...time to be worried about Jeff?)


Sonic Tooth said...

wait. are you referencing the commercial that uses a Nick Drake song? Or the actual Nick Drake song?

TroutDog said...

DT - Thanks for finally putting your ego over here and throwing up this very special post. Still have an extra ticket. Meet us at Swankys!

The Eldred era has begun.

DeathTruck said...

The commercial (that I see about 20 times a day).

Hopefully Eldred is aware of Tracy's ego policy.