Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Hell Just Happened?

Is Manny Corpas loose in the bullpen?


Sonic Tooth said...

RISP! LOB! In record setting fashion for a (fairly young) franchise. So painful to watch. If they had lost, I would have immolated myself in a pile of M-80s.

unbelievable game. TD, you at Coors all the way through??

Sonic Tooth said...

Yeah, Corpas is still in the 'pen even now. Getting rained on. Believe it. You don't get in the game one trusts you. (I sure as fuck don't)

All hail Fowler.
War E. Rogers.

DeathTruck said...

We had to take a 12th inning Swankys beer break, and then moseyed down to the lower level behind the dugout.

Double War E Rogers

TroutDog said...

Those extra inning seats were pretty sweet. Esmil saving the day for sure. The LOB was staggering, but a W is a W and it's nice to have a day off after depleting the pen and bench so much.