Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My new Rockies commerical.

Cargo: "So your pregnant? Well good for you, I didn't make the NL All-Star team and got the shaft."
Miggy: "Me too."

The End.


TroutDog said...

Could we somehow work Jason Hirsch into this commercial?

I'll admit I haven't seen his stats for this year, but how the hell is Corey Hart starting in right field?

I have to admit that Ubaldo is going to face a pretty damn fierce lineup. Hard to imagine you can get through that unscathed.

Sonic Tooth said...

I think Corey Hart is some kind of RBI machine....and a product of lots of white folks in WI votin'.

Where is Jason Hirsch? Where?

If the Rockies release a DVD compendium of their commercial legacy years from now...I'm buying.

TroutDog said...

Hirsch will sign that....cause, you know he can do it. Selecting Kuo over the Little Pony looks pretty genius right now....Ubaldo looked a tad dicey with his control, but 2 clean innings to start the All Star game is something that warrants walking off the field to Hold Your Head Up, Hold Your Head Hiiiigh!

Sonic Tooth said...

yo. Argent. Be it walking off the mound after being relieved (and not shitting the bed completely) or sitting at the T. Rex grill at Copper Mtn. Both work.

Seriously. Ubaldo did look sketchy...but got it done.

I'm rooting for Portly Broxton????

Sonic Tooth said...

My NL? -Eric Karros

DeathTruck said...

I like NL wins too ya know.
-Choo Freeman

TroutDog said...

Ubaldo gets the win, right? The starting pitchers are so screwed in terms of mvp's or wins. Why were there like 8 Braves, 4 Brewers, 5 Cardinals, 11 Dodgers, and two Rockies on the NL squad? I guess Rocks fans aren't good at punching ballots.

DeathTruck said...

you mean the 1st place Braves?