Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wish I could manage a baseball game.

Why the hell were our scrub bullpen pitcher being put in during a 1-run game. Barmey's HR could have been a walk off job, if the bullpen would have gotten it done.
Arias? Why the hell would you put that dude in with the game still within reach. A lot of things to compalin about tonight loss I guess: G-Dog's lack of clutch hitting, Cook's slow start (other than his clutch hitting), Arias's suckiness, Pods's E, and Hawpe's continued suckiness (it sounds like he might be hurt... ah no comment), and yes Hurdle's dicey moves with the bullpen. Got to win tomorrow to take 2 consecutive serieses (is that a word?).

Probably had no business winning that game I guess, but still a win like that along with the last 3 would be the kind of thing to turn this season around.


Sonic Tooth said...

Questionable moves. Questionable decisions.

I can understand the frustrating position Hurdle is in, but in general his less obvious "shake things up" gambles have not worked.

Would be nice if half his team wasn't choking when they have a chance to turnaround a game.

TroutDog said...

I listened to the late inning drama driving back from the airport. Arias' shitiness was less concerning to me than what looked like my fo-sure prospect of running out of gas in the no-man's land of when Pena Blvd turns into I-70 and the few miles of nothing off the highway for miles afterwards. Luckily, I coasted to a truck stop and could listen to the promising, but ultimately anti-climatic not quite come back.

Sounds like Q got robbed of a hit to start the inning and Holliday's double was very close to being a dong. Would've been a great win, but 3 runs is a lot to overcome with 2 outs and no one on. Too bad Spiers is on the shelf. He would've been a perfect top of the 9th canidate in that situation.

No need to fear. I bring a hefty winning streak to Coors tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, this just in from the east coast, the Red Sox pitched a no hitter last night. I probably saw the Francona interview on espn 20 times last night and pretty much no highlights of any other games, with the exception of the Cubs-Astros game.