Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jorge Dishin 'em

De La Rosa that is. Quality, stress-free win today for the Rocks. Haven't been many of these this season and a perfect way to follow up last night's dramatic thong-inspired comeback win. Let's hope Jorge's performance today is a sign of things to come. DT and I were at the game. I took in the game true "business man special" style, showing up in the 6th inning in my work clothes. Gotta love working 6 blocks from Coors and having a cool boss.

Another very important roadie against the ice cold Fathers and the "we never play road games" D-Bags. Cookie vs. Peavy should be a good show tomorrow night. And of course, since Webb pitched today, we'll likely face him (and probably Harren too) in the following series. Considering the pitching matchups, I'd take a .500 trip.


Sonic Tooth said...

ok...i'm half way across the globe at the moment. but this talk of "thong" as an absolute is beginning to scare me. that there was, in fact, a thong-clad Steve loose on the denizens of Coors field last night.

TroutDog said...

Believe it....the thong has turned the season's tide.