Monday, May 19, 2008

Only 9 under

Good come from behind performance (that's what she said) by the Rockies tonight. Barmes still validates my theory from my drunkin state of yesterday (you heard it here first): Clint Barmes is the best baseball player in the history of baseball; 2 for 4 with a dong. It seems like he does that every game. Good games by Holiday and Yorvit as well. I would have like to see Helton build on his solid outing from yesterday, but .... Bullpen came through rather awesomely: My main-man Grilli, Herges, Taylor, and TD's main man Fuentes; only wish Jorge would've got the W. Hopefully TD and I will have broom option for the business man's special on Wed.

ST back in the hizzie? Going to be some dupe posting or still jet-lagged?

Oh and did you hear some Red Sox pitcher through a no-hitter. I love hearing about that team.

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Sonic Tooth said...

Yes, back in the 303/720 after a spell in the barren baseball-free (but not Tuborg-free) landscape of the Arctic.
I was very near dupe-posting your ass, but signed off early for the eve.
Would like to see this streak translate into some plain-old solid baseball for an extended period of time. (or just a continuous winning streak but that might be too much to ask) Restore a little respect.

Look forward to getting back to the ballyard for Saturday afternoon's Mets game. I'm positively giddy over the promotional tote bag giveaway for that game!