Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well, this thing finally starts working...

Nice clutch win...pretty rare in a season where the Rockies' tendency seems to be to get the short end of the stick, or simply the shaft.
Holliday steps up all kinds of huge late in the game. Might have to reach for the Holliday jersey T for today's afternoon game.
Damn, every (rare) win this team gets I hope is the catalyst to turning this shit season around. Everytime I think/say that though they just revert back to a string of 1-2 series'.
Guess I better rub the rabbit foot a bit harder... or preferably the Rockies just start playing up to their potential.


TroutDog said...

That thong looks mysteriously like a rabbit's foot.

Purple Floss said...

Anyone going to the game today? It's not that I want to go to the game as much as I just want to wear my thong.