Saturday, May 31, 2008

This team sucks so bad that me, Dinger, is no longer a relevant joke.

Sure, it still sucks to be Dinger...always has, always will.
But let me tell you what. More than ever, I feel that the focus of the fan's disdain is squarely on the field.
Not on the tops of dugouts, or the front row directly behind homeplate, or even in the left-field bleachers during an unsolicited visit to your hound while he was trying to enjoy Paws at the Park. No.

Case in point, Hawpe has a greater chance of getting his ass kicked while walking down the streets of Denver nowadays than I do.
For reals.
Even one-time golden boys like Francis, can't walk the dark streets of the Highlands with his Redbone Coon hound, Barkley, in complete safety since this 2008 season disaster has reached its current apex.
Think about it. Would you prefer to have your gut vaguely molested by a bald baby and a toe-headed toddler as you see in this photo, or be an actual member of a team that is such a fucking joke (i don't use that language around the youngsters mind you) and disappointment as the 2008 Colorado Rockies? Don't even bother answering, jackass...because I know your reply. The choice is easy, you'd rather be in a sweaty, purple suit parading around like some kind of simpleton, retard dinosaur, than say....consistently choking with RISP...or maybe spotting the opposing team 4 or 5 runs in the first inning of a ballgame...or blowing 8 run leads to the Cubs...


Sonic Tooth said...

that said. sammy dog (the grumpy looking avatar) holds no grudges against barkley. they cool.
however, sammy's rockies collar itches like the D for some reason (that collar didn't itch for shit last September let me tell you)

that fucking collar might be the ultimate barometer of success for the rockies season...yeah, the collar, or the of those probably.

TroutDog said...

Amen. I feel as though someone has just testified. Verdict: Rockies suck loads of ass.

Come to think of it, hank's collar has been might itchy as of late too. As if to say, get this fucking loser band off of me!!