Friday, February 5, 2010

Great old shitty cell phone photo. Backstory here is TD, Ol' Reichy, and myself went to an afternoon weekend game, and had the misfortune of sitting behind the most obnoxious fat, tattooed, mulleted, (and lesbian?) group. Seriously not one iota of attention paid to the game. Loud yammering, waving to people in other sections, standing up. The worst.
Now I'm not always the most saintly, respectable fan, but this was a bit much and we decided to leave for different seats. The place was pretty full so we just opted for some new seats that were at best similar in quality but more likely were worse. An usher busted us for "sneaking" into the new seats. I pitched a little fit about our other seats are better than these (showed him our non-Rockpile tix) and that he should concern himself with the mulleted riff-raff a few sections over.

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DeathTruck said...

she looks pretty hot.